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Fashion, Furniture and keeping it Fresh

We know how tough it is to keep things fresh. All of us are the same: when we find something that works, whether in business or in our personal lives, we stick with it. If that little black dress looked great the last time we went to a party, why shouldn’t it look good this time? The same goes for staging. If that sofa, that has been in circulation for years, is still in good shape and “fits” in with the décor, then why not use it? Why not wear that dress or use that sofa?

Because it’s been done before and most likely by many of us. We all go with what works, what is safe.

That is what we have found in our warehouse, too. Many things have gone unchanged, because what we have does in fact still work, looks good in many situations and our stagers are comfortable with them. While we will not be getting rid of what we have, we have been working hard to add to our inventory by adding pieces that are classic, on trend or the current fad. That is why you are going to see come classic linen pieces in living rooms, acrylic coloured chairs and reclaimed wood in dining spaces, and chrome, glass and white in our accessories. We even have a purple chaise lounge, just because I love it!

We hope you will see something new and inspiring every time you visit the warehouse and find a way to work something fresh into your next project. If you like what you see, please tell us and the same goes if you don’t. If you love it and want to see more pieces like it; we DEFINITELY want to hear about it!

Everyone’s tastes are different. We are trying to keep both classic and current and hope you like what you see. Who knows, it might make you want to make that little black dress a bit different too!

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