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Staging a home in today's market

It seems like we are continually hearing about the economy and the effect on the real estate market. How homes are selling slower and often for less money.

This may be true in some cases, but we can speak from experience and tell you, without a doubt, staged homes are selling quickly! And in most situations for close to or at asking price.

We are in the unique situation where we are renting to stagers, developers, realtors and to home owners so we see all the different scenarios.

A professional definitely has the upper hand in that they choose the right items to highlight the home's best features, all within a reasonable budget. We have found in the last two months, that most of our staged properties are being sold within 60 days – and that is after the conditions are off! Other than show homes or suites, our clients are only looking at two months of rental cost and that is always less than any price reduction would be.

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