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More than just a trend

With cold weather upon us and the airy, bright rooms of summer packed away, we all tend to think of “nesting” at this time of year.

One of the biggest trends that is still with us, is bringing nature into the home. This is an all year trend but tends to work even better in the fall and winter.

When looking through new builds or renovations, you will see the appearance of wood everywhere. From feature walls to floors, countertops to tables, wood of all descriptions are showing up in homes of all styles – in fact I just saw a bath tub made out of wood!

Whether you are into a clean modern look and add lighter, washed woods, or more rustic with the addition of barn board and reclaimed pieces, wood is here to stay. The best thing about it is the versatility and availability of products. Wood flooring can now be put on the walls, chalk paint can cover out of date finishes and even pallets become furniture.

There are no rules, everything goes. Wood can be sanded, distressed, painted or stained to fit into whatever look you are going for. Birch sticks in a corner, wood slices as trivets and pieces of driftwood on the mantle – even these small touches bring the outside in. And the best part is that it goes from fall to winter with ease.

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