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Warming up for Colder Weather

The kids are back to school and even if we want to deny it, summer is giving way to the chill of fall. We’ve all enjoyed the bright and light colours of spring and summer in our homes but now we feel it’s time to “warm things up”.

So what is the expectation – do we all have to make major changes to our décor for each season and for each trend? If so, that becomes pretty daunting, not to say expensive. Add to that the issue of storing or getting of rid of the past season finds.

Instead of doing a complete change, think about the room and how you want it to look. You do not need to put away all of your current décor items, you may just have to fine tune them. If it is time to warm things up for the fall/winter season, think texture. As an example, if you currently have purple as your main colour palette with whites and lights for summer, think about changing only some of the light colours. Put away the white cushion covers and add a dark silver or grey textured cover. On top of that light purple throw, add one in fur or chunky wool. Add colour to your table décor with birch covered candles, dark runners or wood trays. Keep your flower arrangements, just add in some fall colour and you’ll be surprised how different it looks.

Using the above as a guide, it then makes it super easy to change it up again for Thanksgiving. Think not only orange and brown but those beautiful dark purples, deep russet and gold. Thanksgiving tables do not have to have a traditional look – who says it’s all about pumpkins, sunflowers and wheat? Lime green goes great with dark colours and gives a fresh look to brown and rust wreaths. Add silvers, pale rose and teal and you will be amazed at how vibrant your home will look. Remember it’s about the celebration of the season and any colour palette can work - just integrate the new tones with the old standards.

Most importantly, do not put away the things you absolutely love. Those are the things that make your house a home, give your room your personality. These are the things that your guests notice and that tells them a story - a story about you.

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